Outdoor Systems



The gazebo is an unique and versatile space and can be suitable for the gardens and the exhibitions or in larger sizes and evocative appropriate for ceremonies and events.

coperture ombreggianti

Shade Structures

The shade structures are outdoor structures with a nice and functional design in order to use outer space sheltering from the sun.



The pergolas are outdoor fixed structures which are attached to an outside wall and they allow to live covered space also in the winter months.

tunnel estensibili

Retractable tunnels

The retractable tunnels are versatile structures that can be used as: parking space, covered walkway from one structure to another. In large size it can be used as industrial shed.

rulli esterno

Outdoor roller

The outdoor roller curtain in addition to filtering the light favors an energy saving of the building and it was designed to be an integral part of the side on which it is installed.


Securzip in cristal windproof

The securzip is a roller that protects from the elements and makes the area where he is mounted livable also in bad weather. The side zipper allows a perfect closing.

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